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Tasmania - Arthur Range Walk - Jan 2003

These are a selection of photos taken on a SUBW walk along the Western and Eastern Arthur Ranges of South West Tasmania in January 2003

All images by David Noble (unless otherwise stated). They cannot be used for any purpose without permission from the photographer.

© David Noble

Party - Dave Noble, Jo Boyd, Alex Makarenko


Above - Jo watching the sunset from Mt Hesperus

Above - Jo watching the sunrise from Mt Hesperus

Above - Looking along the range

Above - Dawn

Above - Looking along the range

Above - Alex and Jo on Mt Hayes

Above - Mt Hayes

Above - a high camp

Above - Jo looking along the range from Mt Sirius

Above - Alex looking back towards Mt Hesperus and Mt Hayes

Above - Jo looking at the sunrise from Mt Sirius

Above - Looking along the range

Above - Federation Peak and High Moor

Above - Mt Pegasus and Lake Oberon

Above - Sand ripples, Lake Oberon

Above - Alex on Mt Capricorn

Above - Mt Taurus

Above - Mt Taurus

Above - Mt Alderbaren

Above - Near Haven Lake

Above - Haven Lake, dusk

Above - Alex on Mt Scorpio

Above - Camp near the Phoenix

Above - Quartzite slabs

Above - Looking west along the range

Above - late evening

Above - Dawn, Federation Peak and PB

Above - Alex on boulder

Above - Federation Peak

Above - The Four Peaks

Above - Alex on the way up Federation Peak

Above - Dave, Jo and Alex on the summit of Federation Peak

Above - Dusk, The Four Peaks

Above - Federation Peak from Hanging Lake, late evening

Above - Pandanis and a leaden sky

Above - Federation Peak from Stuart Saddle, dusk

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